“You were brilliant (you have a natural inborn talent)”

Ms. Monteleone: Audience Member (Music for Pleasures Winter Series ~ Town of Cottesloe) 

  Performer Petrina Bishop continues to receive admiration from audiences for her passion and ability to bring every song to life. Her vocal versatility enables her to cross over into all genres and has allowed this dynamic singer to offer a vast range of repertoire. Petrina Bishop is well established in the field of music & highly praised for her technical vocal expertise. This innovative singer brings an intensity & authentic sound to her performance. With excellent musicianship and adaptability Petrina Bishop’s 30 years + performing has not only allowed her to have the honour of singing with amazing artists, but has also found herself on the great stages throughout Australia. Petrina Bishop has been lead singer of many ensembles ranging from duo to 15-pieces, complimenting any mood.


  With a Italian Grandfather who was an Operatic Tenor, & a mother who was a trained Classical Soprano it was inevitable that Petrina was going to follow in the Tuscan ‘Lucca’ tradition.

  Petrina Bishop had always been the leading lady at the Sunday family gatherings around the piano but at seven years Petrina showed a desire to do more with her talent due to being a regular watcher of Young Talent Time!

  1975 – 1990

 Petrina Bishop was enrolled in to the Johnny Young Talent School & with Ms. Jackie Love being her tutor she debuted as a soloist at seven years of age at the Regal Theatre. It was obvious the stage was set for this young leading lady. It wasn’t too long before she found herself winning a place in the performance group, allowing her to perform as a professional at corporate events, concerts and alongside Tina Arena & Dannii Minogue when they toured.

From there at 13 years of age Petrina Bishop began classical training where she successfully became a member of the WA State Girl’s Choir, & then moving on to attend the Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts.

 1990 – 2000

In her twenties under the tutelage of Mr. Ian Westrip (Ian Westrip Productions), then Mr. Andrew Foote (Head of Music UWA, W.A. Opera Company, Opera Australia), whom she spent most of her years with, she found herself performing at the Perth Concert Hall & His Majesty’s Theatre, working with the WA Opera Company, WA Choral Society & the WA Musical Theatre Company.

 2000 – 2002

Petrina Bishop made her way to Sydney NSW & successfully auditioned to work with Vocal Coach, Amanda Colliver & Opera Australia. Petrina Bishop loved her time spent with Ms. Colliver & to this day knows that it was Ms. Colliver that truly allowed her voice to come into realization. Petrina Bishop spent every free moment practicing & discovering the full capacity of her voice!

2002 – 2010

Petrina Bishop then decided to make her way back to Perth and took up a part-time position of Vocal Coach & Choir Director at a private college, & opened the first performance school in W.A. for children, since the Johnny Young Talent School.  Petrina Bishop found a place where her experience in music mattered, passing onto the next generation. Petrina Bishop created a strong vocal program, a place where students could develop their musical gifts, which many of those students went on to win awards, secure places at the Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts, U.W.A, & perform on a national and international level.

 2010 – 2014

 In 2010 Petrina Bishop created an opportunity for three students, that had shown exceptional talent, creating a trio ensemble called ‘AKANNA’

Highly praised for her technical vocal expertise, as Vocal Coach and Artistic Director. The trio received an invitation to sing on ABC 720AM within months of forming due to the exceptional harmony blend that was created under Petrina Bishop’s guidance. Creating many opportunities to perform, in time girls were replaced as they moved on in their music career & life. ‘AKANNA’ lived on to have members that attracted Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts graduates, opening up to more opportunities.

 2013 – 2015

 In 2013 Petrina Bishop with six dances to accompany her, returned to the stage on a full time basis! Co-writing & performing in ‘Life Is A Cabaret & Don’t you Forget It” at the Perth Fringe Festival: 2013, her performance brought an overwhelming response with an extended sell out season.

  Petrina Bishop followed up with the SOLD OUT show, ‘GOLD’ ~ songs of Shirley Bassey”, once again at the 2014’s FRINGE FESTIVAL Perth, which continues to get performed receiving standing ovations.

 In 2014 Petrina Bishop put on the Producer’s hat with great success! Working with local & interstate professional performers & musicians, Petrina produced shows such as “Desperately Young At Heart’ starring Tenor Robert Hoffmann, Soprano Penny Shaw (DivaLicious) & classical pianist Tomasso Polio, ~ Petrina Bishop then went on to produce ‘Tragic Life, Tragic Death’, A Tribute to Oliva Newton, Me & Miss Earth Kitt, ‘AKANNA is Soul & Funk’ ‘Bring On Xmas’ finishing with ‘When Shadows Lengthen’ with WA Opera Singer Mr. Mark Alderson, Soprano Mim Meakin and David Wickham, Australia’s pre-eminent accompanists.


In 2015 returning to the stage Petrina Bishop produced a number of concerts taking the role of leading lady accompanied by leading Jazz pianist Russel Holmes & Classical pianist David Wickham.

Performing many of her songs from her favourite performers & repertoire which had been developed in Sydney Petrina performed Barbra Streisand: The Way We Were, Spending Time With Sondheim, Musical Memories: Songs from the Stage, Karen Carpenter: Yesterday Once More & reviving ‘GOLD: songs of Shirley Bassey’.

Petrina Bishop has produced, written & directed many of the shows in which she has performed receiving encores & standing ovations.

 2016 – 2017

Producing & once again performing at a number of corporate events Petrina Bishop has also found time to offer her expertise to WAAPA students to assist them in raising funds to support their ongoing studies and career.

 The respect of her working peers, the love of her vocal students past & present, performing in front of Premiere’s & dignitaries throughout her life on Australia’s great stages,

Petrina looks forward to what lies ahead.

“Carpe Diem”


CV: Petrina Bishop is well established in the field of music & highly praised for her technical vocal expertise.

AKANNA Entertainment: Producer

AKANNA – professional female vocal harmony trio.
Artistic Director

Radio Producer: Capital 101.7

Vice President of Voice Moves (WA Inc).

1978 – 2017: Soloist
1999 – 2001: Opera Australia.
1989 – 1995: W.A. Opera Company, W.A. Musical Theatre Company, W.A. Choral Society.
1985 – 1986: W.A. State Girls Choir.
1978 – 1984: The Johnny Young Talent School – Performance Group.


Vocal Coach / Choir Director:
2004 – 2016: Private Vocal Coach
2004 – 2012: Mandurah Catholic College – Vocal Coach
2004 –2012: Mandurah Catholic College – Choir Director
– Preparation of Performances: Solo, Ensembles & Choirs.


Mandurah Catholic College Musical Productions:

2012: The Wizard Of Oz – Vocal Coach, Chorus Director & Musical Conductor
2010: Fame – Vocal Coach & Chorus Director 2008: Into The Woods – Vocal Coach & Chorus Director
2006: Flapper – Vocal Coach & Chorus Director
– Eisteddfods – 1st & 2nd Placements
– The Catholic Performing Arts Festival – Honourable Mentions


2006: Godspell – Mandurah Performing Arts Centre ~ Vocal & Chorus Director.
2002 – 2004: The Rising Stars Performance School
– Sole Proprietor Performance & Vocal Coach Workshops -
– Singing & Musical Theatre
– 160 Students
– Ages 6 – 16yrs


Vocal Training:
2012 – 2014: Mr. Andrew Foote – Head of Music U.W.A., W.A. Opera Company, Victorian Opera Company, Opera Australia.
1999 – 2001: Ms. Amanda Colliver – Opera Australia (Sydney).
1991 – 1998: Mr. Andrew Foote – W.A. Opera Company, Victorian Opera Company, Opera Australia (Sydney).
1989 – 1991: Mr. Ian Westrip.
1987 – 1989 – Western Australia Academy Of Performing Arts.(W.A.A.P.A.)
1978 – 1984: Ms. Jackie Love.