Just Judy!

Performance Package Judy Garland 225 x

Judy Garland truly has stood the test of time.

She lives on in all of us!

A roller coaster of emotion, Frank Sinatra once quoted

“Every time Judy performs, a little piece of her dies, she gives that much of herself.”

Even though her life sometimes tragic, Judy left it all in the wings.

Petrina Bishop looks forward to sharing Judy’s songs of yesteryear!

From stage to screen. From Mickey Rooney to all the way to Carnegie Hall.

Once again, I promise a roller coaster of emotion!



Karen Carpenter: Yesterday Once More!

Performance Package Karen Carpenter 225 x

 The Carpenters held at the top of the charts for over 20 years.

With Karen’s deep rich tone like a full bodied merlot this lady,

even though struggling with personal turmoil found her way on to the world stage.

With songs that have stood the test time she still remains with us, allowing us to relive Yesterday Once More!