A Friend once told Petrina Bishop (creator of AKANNA Entertainment) the story of an ancient goddess named Akanna. Akanna was a Greek goddess and inventor of music, She held the perfect balance of femininity and strength. She was also a warrior. Petrina instantly connected to this. This is because Petrina is also a warrior, overcoming any hardships coming her way, and doing it all to the beat of the music she was singing. We at AKANNA Entertainment believe that music heals the soul. The goddess Akanna encapsulates that, thus inspiring the name AKANNA Entertainment.


Petrina Bishop is a powerhouse of exceptional musicianship, strength and raw emotion! Trained by Jackie Love, Petrina Bishop has led an extraordinary career working with the likes of Kylie & Danni Minogue, andTine Arena.Under the tuition of Amanda Colliver, (Opera Australia) she became a craftsman of the cabaret genre, performing these great songs in the cabaret clubs of old Sydney town!

In 2010 Petrina Bishop first wore her Producers hat when she created ‘AKANNA’ a singing female trio. Since then she has gone on to produce an array of shows, cabarets and concerts, contracting professional performers who perform on a national and international level to present a variety of genres. From Barbra to Bassey, Petrina does it all! Not only producing shows but writing, directing  and performing in many of them!