When you enter AKANNA Entertainment’s Music School you start good and leave a star. As we will implement all the technical requirements for success in any genre. We are very proud of our Music School as it consistently produces incredibly skilled performers. Many of our students have gone onto train at elite conservatoriums of music and become professional vocalists and musicians.  

Individual Vocal Sessions (Currently no spots available)

All Ages – All Genres – All Levels

Experience classically based training from Petrina Bishop, “Perth’s Premiere Vocal Specialist”. Petrina not only brings out the best in her students but has also been praised for her ability to nurture her students, giving them a safe space to fully unlock the confidence that has always been inside them. Teaching privately from her home in Ardross, W.A., Petrina has been teaching singing to all ages for the last 18 years. Many of her students gone to further their studies at WAAPA and other esteemed vocal conservatoriums.

Individual Music Theory Sessions

All Ages – All Genres – All Levels

Understanding music on a technical level is a crucial stepping stone to nurturing your talents. Teaching privately from Ardross, W.A.,Petrina Bishop has a fine and acute knowledge and understanding of music theory. Petrina is incredibly knowledgeable about music theory and uses it to connect her students to the deep emotional connection in music. This allows her students to develop their musical understanding.  


Performance – Movement and Vocals
AKANNA Entertainment offers a unique opportunity for your child to experience what is needed to become a professional performer! When these workshops conclude your child will be inspired to reach for the… STARS!

Music Theory
Learn music theory with the best of the best in these unique workshops. Grow your child’s musical understanding and watch them flourish!

Musical Theatre
Let your child experience the wonders of musical theatre with these AKANNA Entertainment workshops. Your child will be working on scenes from iconic musicals, growing their talents and prepping them for their future endeavours.