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“Petrina, you’re a powerhouse!” David Wickham – Australia’s pre-eminent accompanist.

From Barbra to Bassey, Sondheim to Garland. Petrina can do it all!

Petrina Bishop is a master of many vocal styles, beginning her training with Jackie Love and finalising it with Amanda Colliver at Opera Australia Sydney NSW where she resided for 4 years.

However, although she has a deep understanding of classical voice, Petrina has directed her vocal gift towards the genre cabaret, mastering its required singing style ‘Belter’.

Combined with a roller coaster of raw emotion, Petrina Bishop is a powerhouse of exceptional musicianship and sound, always showcasing her incredible versatility and range. A dynamic vocalist she continues to capture the vulnerability necessary, allowing every song to come to life, giving it reason to breathe and leaving audiences wanting more!

Petrina has performed on the great stages throughout Australia as ‘Guest Artist’ along with performing her crafted shows at the fun cabaret & supper clubs in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and beyond. Bring a little star power to your next occasion!